The Data Management Specialists



Welcome to 101 Data Solutions We know how important Data Management is to your business. We understand that aligning correct technologies is crucial to your success, but that choosing the right solution can be difficult. At 101 Data Solutions we specialise in helping you understand your data: what it is, where it resides, how to protect and store it.

Our friendly team will work closely with you, and strive to really understand your business. Through consultancy and assessment of your environment we’ll then discuss appropriate high-quality products and solutions from leading brands, helping you to choose what’s right for you and your business. We also offer installation services and a wide range of maintenance support options for your equipment.


"Unlike most resellers that I have worked with over the years, 101 Data Solutions provide a highly engaged level of contact which saves us time and increases our ability to flex quickly between technologies and suppliers."

James Harris-Deans, Landmark.

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