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The Brief

Avinity is a product fulfilment house as well as a supplier of digital e-gift codes, working with global brands. When the company approached 101 Data Solutions, its IT network, systems and servers were outdated. At that time, they were not using the cloud and had no Office 365 presence at all. Avinity needed the capacity to work remotely in an efficient and reliable way. They were working through an old on-premise exchange server, so they couldn’t access all their files remotely.

With no IT Manager at the time and no in-depth understanding of IT networks and infrastructure, our engineer was able to guide them in finding out the correct contacts, what they needed to look at, their current capacity, processing power, and how we would move them over to cloud computing (Azure), email migration (Office 365) and a back-up solution for OneDrive and SharePoint.

Key Deliverables

  • Scope and spin up an Azure target for backups and off-premise data storage.
  • Scope and supply Microsoft licenses via 101 Data Solutions Cloud Service Provider programme.
  • Cost-effective, expandable and compatible storage, which proves the best fit with existing infrastructure.

The Solution

We consulted with Avinity to identify all the issues, and we then split the process into different phases. During phase one, we set up a new Office 365 tenancy and permissions on Azure to help them move their on-premise services to the cloud. Our expertise meant we could help them move their 365 tenancy rapidly within the limitations of their office tools.

Once we set up Azure-based cloud computing and their Office 365 tenancy, we provided training and guidance for staff on best practices. We also helped with the compute necessary to host relevant applications and databases. We ensured their financial systems were secure in the cloud, which was critical for the company because their data needs to be tightly protected.

Email migration to Office 365 was the next phase, and we helped them spec a new server, so they could move from an old exchange server and large shared mailboxes that they were using for distribution to partner vendor management. OneDrive and SharePoint was the final phase.

The Result


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