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National Portrait Gallery

Prepare for and prevent future cyber threats

The Brief

Founded in 1856 the National Portrait Gallery is critical historic preserver of British history through both physical and digital portraiture. Keen to bolster its already secure infrastructure it wished to prepare for and prevent future cyber threats through next generation technology. 101 Data Solutions was engaged to help advise in the reduction of it’s attack surfaces relating to End Point and Virtual Machines.

Key Deliverables

  • Enhanced Threat Protection
  • Pro-Active monitoring with real time definitions updates
  • Automation with advanced reporting
  • Peace of Mind

The Solution

101 Data Solutions met with the National Portrait Gallery, performed an onsite workshop with subject matter specialists discussing various ways of addressing future threat prevention. Based on data collected from the initial assessment phase 101 were able to agree bespoke testing and roll out to limited parts of the client’s infrastructure.

Once trust and awareness was gained a further plan was developed to deploy into the wider organisation. 101 Data Solutions moved from the test development infrastructure to live core applications over several days, each step of the way taking care that performance and production was no impacted.

The Result

The design and deployment of this solution was bespoke and co-developed with the National Portrait Gallery, 101 Data Solutions were able to complete the project to best practise on time and with little to no impact on production.

The core applications and production elements are now fully protected against current and future threats with real time threat intelligence enabled. 101 Data Solutions have also agreed additional service days some months later to check the state of the installation to best practice and provide additional training wherever it is needed.


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