A significant amount of data which needed to stay live

The Brief

At the conclusion of Framestore’s largest post-production film they had generated a significant amount of data which needed to stay live while additional projects were being brought online. In this instance a significant amount of data was required to remain live with access times beyond the capabilities of their tertiary nearline disk storage and far beyond that of tape.

Key Deliverables

  • Vastly improved nearline storage density
  • Greater working storage set through increased nearline storage performance
  • Access to the latest RAID storage technology
  • Easy license-free storage capacity expansion
  • Vendor partnership committed to customer success

The Solution

Under 101 Data Solutions guidance and after careful consideration of several alternatives, Framestore opted for the Dot Hill AssuredSAN 3000 Series as their nearline storage replacement based on excellent price/performance, reputation for reliability and storage density.

The Result

“Dot Hill and 101 Data Solutions have been excellent partners, and we are very pleased with our choice. All of this was delivered under the original budget and has been in production without incident from the day it was brought online.”
Chief Technology Officer


Contact 101 Data Solutions

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