Wyke Farms, Overland Storage SAN solution

Wyke Farms

An Overland Storage SAN solution, creating block and file level storage

The Brief

Somerset-based Wyke Farms is the UK’s largest independent cheese producer, operating for 150 years. In recent times, the farm has seen cheesemaking transform to a streamlined production process. The change in process meant that high quality servers and data storage was needed. The farm also needed an upgrade to their existing security, which had failed to deter break-ins.

Key Deliverables

  • 101 Data Solutions also provided  a second package for disaster recovery purposes
  • The package was also used to store data generated from the CCTV cameras
  • “The security systems 101 has helped put in place has enabled us to capture high resolution images”
  • “The system is proving to be the safeguard we were seeking.”

The Solution

101 Data Solutions has installed an Overland Storage SAN solution, creating block and file level storage that is easy to use, as well as providing full functionality, flexibility and scalability. It integrates with Wyke Farms operating systems as well as providing data protection and flexible connectivity. This enables Wyke Farms to easily store the data generated from 20 new high definition CCTV cameras.

The Result

“We looked carefully at a number of partners, but it was only 101 Data Solutions that seemed to really understand our needs and offered solutions that fitted our requirements. When we need a back-up solution, or we have any issues, a specialist consultant always comes to asses our individual needs. 101 Data Solutions were always on the case straight away.”
Pete Hooper, IT and Production Manager


Contact 101 Data Solutions

101 Data Solutions, Broad Quay House, Prince Street, Bristol. BS1 4DJ.


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