Landmark Information Group

The implementation of a LifeCycle Management plan,

The Brief

Landmark Information Group part of the Daily Mail Group Trust, is a fast moving technology user, it’s ability to provide its customers next generation mapping information quickly and reliably sets itself apart from other global leaders in its field.

Innovation and deployment is key to Landmarks success, and working with the right partner to help identify and bring to them the best of breed technologies would enable Landmark to focus on what they do best.

With several data centers distributed across the UK and on-going purchases of businesses with the ability to absorb that infrastructure into their own unified way of working, calls for an expert partner to aid with technology and service selection and delivery.

Key Deliverables

  • Reduced costs
  • Implementation of a LifeCycle Management plan
  • Landmark maintain a competitive edge with an overall lower cost to deliver their core services
  • Successfully delivered 3rd party support for Landmark

The Solution

Over a period of 10 years, 101 Data Solutions have reduced costs and complexity in their data centres across the United Kingdom, through the deployment of highly available, distributed infrastructure.

Through the implementation of a LifeCycle Management plan, 101 Data Solutions were able to reduce support costs of older deployed technology, extending its life.

By delivering a mix of disciplines across technology and service 101 Data Solutions have been able to help improve Landmarks competitive edge with an overall lower cost to deliver their core services, enabling a competitive advantage.

The Result

Landmark have worked with 101 Data Solutions for more than 10 years, where 101 have provided a consistent and reliable function as a Value Added Reseller of Storage, Networking, Server and Enterprise software such as VMWare, VEEAM and Symantec.

Over the years 101 have taken the time to understand Landmarks business and have played an active role in the design and configuration of Enterprise Infrastructure that has enabled Landmark to respond quickly to a host of successful Government Sector bids and strategic business changes that were essential in the growth of the Landmark portfolio.

101 have also successfully delivered 3rd party support for Landmark through a number of suppliers which has reduced 3rd party support costs, but most importantly unlike most resellers that they have worked with over the years, 101 provides a highly engaged level of contact with the ongoing relationship between Landmark and our vendors which reduces the amount of supplier management Landmark has to perform which saves time and increases their ability to flex quickly between technologies and suppliers.


Contact 101 Data Solutions

101 Data Solutions, Broad Quay House, Prince Street, Bristol. BS1 4DJ.


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