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Changing the software image deployment method

The Brief

Cadassist are a leading design and data management software integrator who support an impressive list of clients with their range of products and services. Cadassist recently challenged themselves to change their software image deployment method to improve efficiency and adopt a more robust process.

Key Deliverables

  • Machine deployment window was reduced from 4 – 6 hours to less than 1 hour for individual machines
  • Cadassist now provision all their workstations together as if provisioning just one
  • Create images of any standard configuration (including the OS, configuration, files, and all applications) in less than half the time it took previously

The Solution

101 Data Solutions proposed and supplied an Acronis Snap Deploy solution, which met Cadassist’s need for rapid bare-metal deployments to large numbers of PCs and servers as well as effortless on-going redeployment for similar future projects. Using Acronis Snap Deploy Cadassist now redeploy images to multiple live Windows Machines at the same time, eliminating the need for manual booting of individual systems. 101 Data Solutions provided proof of concept software and services before purchase, enabling the customer to make an informed technical and strategic decision without any initial commercial outlay.

The Result

“With this product we’ve gone from a 4-6 hour deployment window to less than 1 hour to deploy individual machines; creating images also takes less than half the time which frees our technical staff to work on other projects. The service from 101 Data Solutions has been excellent and beyond reproach.”
Ali Haque, Technical Co-Ordinator, Cadassist


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