Businesses need to capture, understand and harness their data to support decision making

In very simple terms sharing and promoting data consumption is what data infrastructure is. Also known as digital infrastructure, it includes technology, organisations and processes. As economies and societies become more reliant on acquiring value from data and our population continues to grow, data infrastructure will only become vital.

For a data infrastructure to be considered trustworthy it must be feasibly funded and should have a management that gives direction to boost data utilisation and value by meeting the requirements of the society.

These data assets can probably be shared on open parts of the data spectrum. The value depends on how open it is, for example the more open a data infrastructure is its value will increase accordingly. Data privacy is of utmost importance making it crucial for businesses to protect data that needs to be kept private. However, it is equally crucial to openly publish data that must be available for everyone to utilise because openness and privacy help establish trust.

Key Benefits

  • Scalability
  • Compliance and security
  • Cost of Ownership
  • Time to value
  • Active data

Case Studies

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