Cloud Services

With so much data available and new sources generated daily, many businesses adopt Cloud Services to manage their data effectively. At 101 Data Solutions, we can help you leverage the power of cloud services to store and analyse all your data. With our cloud-based data managed services, businesses can reduce costs while making better decisions on their data and have more flexibility and capability for expansion.

When you work with us,
you can expect...

Expert consultants that will work with you to understand your business goals and requirements

Advice on the best
cloud service for your
business needs

Implementation of the chosen
service and maintenance of
the service as required

Cloud hosting that provides flexibility and scalability, allowing you to expand or reduce data storage as needed. In addition, you control the data and only pay for what you use

Replication of your data in the cloud to protect against data loss and keep your systems up and running

Transformation of your
data into an easily
manageable format

Data archiving
for long-term retention and
regulatory compliance

A data monitoring service to check for health and usage so that you can efficiently scale your systems

Data migration, where we
move your data from one
location to another

Data Integration, where we can
integrate your data with various
other software platforms

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