Remote Monitoring

Having remote monitoring in place makes it easier to monitor your systems proactively, identifying problems as quickly as possible. At 101 Data Solutions, we can assist you with setting up and maintaining your monitoring programmes. You can choose the monitoring approach that works best for you. We can talk about your choices, including real-time monitoring (showing you the present state of your systems) and monthly management summaries (revealing the historical, actionable trends). We’ll set up monitoring software on your devices and ensure it is properly configured.

When you work with us,
you can expect...

An in-depth consultation to determine which monitoring solution is best for your business needs.

Proactive monitoring to catch any problems sooner.

A dedicated expert to answer any questions or address any concerns you have.

A team of engineers with high levels of data centre experience working 24x7 to keep everything running smoothly in your environment.

Different monitoring options available, Networking, O365, Domain, Servers, Storage, environmental and 3rd Party applications.

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