Initial Meeting

The first element is for our consultants to meet with your stakeholders to capture all the essential details we need.

In this meeting we may suggest certain non-intrusive tools to run on your infrastructure capture more granular detail to aid in the scope of a new solution.

Assign your specialist

Once we have all the details we need, we'll appoint a specialist to come up with a design for you to agree.

We will present our design via an onsite workshop to the key stakeholders and any adjustments discussed and implemented.

Proof of concept

We will loan, set up evaluation hardware and software to prove our solution works at no cost commitment from your business other than time. The evaluation process will be documented ensuring we test all elements critical to its success.

Purchase and installation

Following the purchase of your bespoke data solution, will ensure all ordered elements have been delivered correctly.

Any service delivery will be agreed upfront and delivered in accordance to it’s Statement of Work and milestones. Training may form part of this stage as we prefer our customers to have the knowledge and skills as this will reduce the learning curve.

Ongoing support

We believe strongly in having a partnership with you and our account management team will regularly monitor activities and keep in touch with you.

You can also contact us 24/7 should you need to talk to us about anything.

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