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Data Protection

The relationship between the collection and dissemination of data

We live in a data-dependent world and the importance of backing up your mission-critical data and being able to keep working in the case of a disaster, is at an all time-high.

How should I protect my data and where is the best place to store it? Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, co- location, tape or disc? What are the Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives I must adhere to?

101 Data Solutions can provide you a comprehensive plan aligned to:

  1. Business Criticality
  2. Application Performance and recovery.
  3. Existing infrastructure and any limitations around bandwidth and connectivity.
  4. Protection for Cloud instances
  5. Legal requirements.

We have been deploying infrastructure designed to protect your data for over 10 Years, keeping well known organisations in business and operational.

Yes, we have seen situations where organisations have lost significant proportions of their data and have come to us for help, we have rescued businesses several times over the years and hold trusted relationships with them to this day because of the good work we have done.

Key Benefits

  • Data Protection
  • Peace of Mind
  • Clear digital strategy
  • Support & Guidance

Case Studies

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