In today’s technologically advanced World, people and businesses are storing more and more of their data either on their desktop machines or in the Cloud.

Quite often this data is sensitive and hence it needs protecting from prying eyes. This data also needs to be accessible from wherever a person is in the world and, as you would expect, the more data people store, the more capacity, security and accessibility the location it is stored in needs to have.

Clear? Well, the solution to this ongoing conundrum is to use something called Object Storage which is basically an architecture that manages data storage as “units” called objects. The objects are kept in a storehouse and are not ingrained in files in other folders.

Object storage systems actually facilitate the safe storage of these potentially huge amounts of data and can store anything from photos on Facebook, songs on Spotify, or files in online collaboration services, to huge amounts of personal data about things like patients at a hospital trust to research conducted by pharmaceutical companies who collaborate all over the world.

Object storage also maintains availability to all the users by storing multiple copies of data over multiple nodes using a replication process. If one node fails, the data is still available, and no downtime is experienced.
Object-based storage essentially bundles the data itself along with metadata tags and a unique identifier. The metadata is customizable, which means you can input a lot more identifying information for each piece of data. These objects are stored in a flat address space, which makes it easier to locate and retrieve your data across regions.

A simple use case would see application developers who deal with large amounts of user-generated media, using object storage to store unlimited media files. As data stores scale to hundreds of terabytes and then into the petabyte range and beyond, object storage becomes even more attractive.

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