Proactive Maintenance

If a fault arises you will always be informed within 15 mins from diagnosis

What is Pro-Active Maintenance

101 Data Solutions are unique in the way in which we provide 3rd party support to Tier 1 storage devices. Our pro-active Tier 1 storage support model replicates that of the OEM. Our support provides proactive remote monitoring 24×7 and dial home access to provide a fix to escalations. This ensures both best practice and improved uptime which helps your customers stay live and productive if a fault is diagnosed.

Is an engineer onsite in 4 hours?

If a fault arises you will always be informed within 15 mins from diagnosis. 101 Data Solutions will diagnose the severity of the level – e.g. if a disc fails within a raid group (low severity), 101 Data Solutions and it’s support partners will work on the fault immediately and rebuild the faulty raid group utilizing one of the spares pool. If it’s a large capacity disk (many TB’s) this could take up to a day to restore so there is no need to have an engineer turn up when the fault is already being worked on remotely. Once restored and the systems has stabilized, a replacement drive is then sent out. Throughout this entire process we are in contact (every 4 hours) with an update of the current support call. If the fault is catastrophic – the system goes off line – this is a situation when our engineers will be onsite to resolve within 4 hours.

The 4-hour onsite response would be initiated after the resolution is identified and the system is ready for the fix and we have a customer work window etc. The example to that is we may receive an alert of a drive starting to fail. It can take several hours or days for the drive to copy over and fail out, so we would wait to go onsite until that process has finished, monitoring all the time. Our NOC would continue to communicate with yourself throughout the process.

As we monitor and support these systems just like the OEM’s do, you can rest assured that you are getting the same level (often better and more responsive) that the service they once received from the OEM. The only different between this service and the OEM is the ability for us to give firmware upgrades, which no third party can supply, unless the customer has access to the code themselves. Our solution is a perfect fit for customers who have a stable environment and would like to sweat the assets a little longer, however don’t wish to pay rising OEM support costs as the equipment gets older.

Key Support Elements

  • Pro-Active Maintenance
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Migration


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