If you want your business to survive and thrive, Bristol is the place to be

According to pre-Lockdown statistics, Bristol has the best five-year business survival rate, so if you want your business to thrive, survive and prosper, Bristol is the place to be, and this the reason why many businesses choose to either set up a new business or re-locate their existing organisations here.  Here at 101 Data Solutions, we made the decision to re-locate our business and we have gone from strength to strength. Here are a number of reasons why Bristol is so good for business:

  • Bristol was previously ranked number 1 in the UK – above London – to start and grow a new business. It is now ranked number 2 behind London and globally number 68th out of 1,000 cities and 100 countries.
  • Bristol has over 4,518 businesses in the tech arena including AI, data, e-commerce, cyber, digital, gaming, internet, medtech and fintech.
  • Bristol has a fast-growing tech eco-system that includes government, education and the general business community which encourages and supports tech and social entrepreneurs to innovate and grow.
  • Bristol has a long-standing connection with aerospace firms, expertise in technology and a history of innovation.
  • Bristol has been at the forefront of advancements in aviation technology and co-led the development of the concord.
  • Bristol offers a wealth of diversity, low crime rates, excellent job and employment opportunities especially in the creative and tech industries.
  • Bristol’s modern economy is built on the creative media, technology, electronics and aerospace industries.
  • Bristol is the third most attractive UK city for funding new tech companies. In 2019 the city’s technology industry raised £240 million in funding, had a turnover of over £7.9m and employed around 25,000 people.
  • Bristol has been a centre for trade and industry since the Middle Ages. Today there are over 50,000 businesses based in or around the city with over 4,500 businesses operating in the tech arena including AI, data, e-commerce, cyber, digital, gaming, internet, medtech and fintech.
  • Bristol is clearly a leader in UK technology. Out of 50 top tech companies in the South West, over half are based in Bristol.
  • Bristol’s thriving tech industry has over-taken engineering as the top industry in the city.
  • Salaries for technology jobs in Bristol are above the UK national average.

And here are some additional ‘fun facts’ about Bristol that you might think ‘well I didn’t know that!’….

  • Bristol was voted the wealthiest and happiest city in Britain by Moneysupermarket.com.
  • Bristol was voted the best city to live in Britain by The Sunday Times in 2017.
  • It is very easy to commute for work in Bristol as it is very accessible by road especially from London as the M4 goes straight into London and the M32 goes right into Bristol City Centre.
  • Bristol was the first British city to be named ‘European Green Capital’. In 2017 it was named the UK’s most environmentally friendly city and was also named the UK’s first cycling city.
  • The first ever bungee jump took place off The Clifton Suspension Bridge in April 1979.
  • Bristol is the biggest manufacturer of hot air balloons.
  • In 2019, Bristol was named by The Independent as one of the best European cities to visit.
  • Some famous Bristolians include Cary Grant (actor), John Cleese (actor), J.K. Rowling (author), Banksy (artist), Damien Hurst (artist), Stephen Merchant (actor, writer, comedian), Massive Attack (musicians).
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