How to Improve Your Cybersecurity in Less Than a Week

How to Improve Your Cybersecurity in Less Than a Week

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With the move to more remote working, organisations are increasing their reliance on information technology and systems to do business. Most organisations are aware that cybercrime is increasing, so if their IT systems are vulnerable, they risk financial loss, identity theft and reputational damage.

However, how does an organisation know if their IT systems are up to scratch and in line with law regulations? How do they ensure they are safely deploying Office 365 and Azure? What are the different risks facing their organisation and the potential severity of each risk? Where do they start in addressing these challenges?

The answer is to implement a CSAT Cybersecurity Assessment to guide your organisation on how to mitigate cybercrime. 101 Data Solutions can evaluate your cyber risk, support you with the engineering work required, and provide a tailored fact and risk-based action plan.

Purpose of the CSAT Cybersecurity Assessment

The Cybersecurity Assessment Report is intended to provide an overall review of the organisation’s Cybersecurity programme and practices, giving the organisation an insight into the state of its security.

Therefore, the goal is to identify and evaluate security threats and suggest ways to mitigate such threats enabling the organisation to make informed decisions.

How the CSAT Cybersecurity Assessment works

The CSAT is designed as an Infrastructure Application, running in the customer’s IT environment. From this environment, the CSAT creates an action plan based on facts retrieved from the IT environment and collects data via:-

  • A comprehensive scan for Windows servers and Windows PC’s and Laptops.
  • Discovery of network devices using SNMP and Linus devices using SSH.
  • Relevant security data from Office 365, SharePoint Online, Teams, Intune.
  • The local Active Directory and the Azure Active Directory.
  • Security details from the Microsoft IaaS and PaaS services.
  • A questionnaire to include organisational policies and procedures in the assessment.
  • Dissolvable agents to collect data from the Windows machines. These are small executables sent out over WMI that delete themselves after the data has been retrieved and transmitted to the CSAT server.
  • Administrator accounts to access and scan Active Directory and SharePoint on-prem.
  • Microsoft cloud services accessed via the available Microsoft API’s.
  • A questionnaire that 101 Data Solutions uses to assess your customer’s security maturity elements, which are not system-based.

Once the scan and the questionnaire have been completed, the CSAT produces an automated report in a Word document which should be edited to provide extra information.

The installation, scan, data analysis and maturity check can all be carried out within three days, with a comprehensive report as the final deliverable

CSAT Assessment packages…

CSAT Full Scan Assessment

  • Aimed at Top-SMB, Corporate and Enterprise.
  • Organisations larger than 300 employees.
  • Comprehensive cybersecurity assessment.
  • Align Business and IT management.
  • Help to decide on new security initiatives based on facts.
  • Deployment and implementation plan.
  • Based on the CIS20 controls.

CSAT Quick Scan Assessment

  • Aimed at SMB up to 300 employees.
  • A quick check on the cybersecurity hygiene.
  • Propose improvement actions based on actual data.
  • Practical framework and quick report.
  • Scalable approach in campaigns.

CSAT as part of 101 Data Solutions Managed Services

  • Strategic: Periodic Cybersecurity maturity assessments, ongoing Cybersecurity Programme services.
  • Tactical: Cybersecurity improvement Action Plan, implement Cybersecurity procedures, policies, remediation steps, deploy Cybersecurity tooling.
  • Operational: Automated analysis, remediation support, periodic ISMS controls checks.

Please get in touch with 101 Data Solutions on 0117 4350485 for pricing.

Cyber breach costs are predicted to outpace the growth of the global economy, so 101 Data Solutions CSAT Cybersecurity Assessment Report can put your mind at ease.

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