Data Storage. Things to consider when deciding

Data Storage. Things to consider when deciding

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The storing of your data both structured and unstructured comes with making decisions and companies first need to understand the amount and type of data they have along with the motivation behind storing the information.

There are a number of types when it comes to data storage, but all data is not created equal and understanding the business value of data is critical for defining your storage strategy.

Questions to consider –

  • How soon do I need the data back if lost?
  • How fast do I need to access the data?
  • How long do I need to retain data?
  • How secure does it need to be?
  • What regulatory requirements need to be adhered to?

What is essential is that companies find a solution that fits their data, not the other way around. DAS, a SAN or a NAS are not the only choices.

Similarly, look for a solution that provides the flexibility to choose where data is stored: on premise and/or in the cloud and, if you have a mobile workforce, the data management and storage solution you choose has to work for mobile and virtual platforms in addition to desktops and laptops – work cross platform.

Price will always influence decision making, but try not to let price dictate your decisions. Factoring in scalability, technology, and operating costs like floor space and support can make a big difference in the storage acquired.

Choose a storage provider who has excellent technical support so that, when problems arise within the storage network, they can resolve problems quickly and effectively.

Being able to easily search your electronically stored data and provide accurate results instantly is also critical to getting the most out of your data on a daily basis.

So, yes, there are lots of elements to consider when it comes to Data Storage.  101 Data Solutions can and will help.

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