Data Storage

Why Business Leaders are turning to ‘Anything as a Service’ (XaaS)

The huge demand for hybrid working triggered millions of organisations to explore digital options to support remote working while ensuring security is not compromised. As a result, cloud computing has taken the business world by storm. However, despite this digital wake-up call, not enough organisations explore the wealth of options available through the cloud to …

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Small Chips, Big Problems – How Can Businesses Survive The Global Microchip Shortage?

Every electronic device needs a microchip, so when global demand outweighs supply, this poses a problem for consumers and businesses. The result is that many companies are experiencing significant delays in hardware shipments, which have a knock-on effect on how they support their workforce and deliver to their clients. Part of the problem was a …

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Back Up Strategies

Data back up has always been an important element of IT infrastructure however, with the ever-evolving business environment and the increased sophistication of cyber threats, traditional means of back up no longer meets the fluctuating demands of today’s business.  A company’s survival depends on the existence of its data and a comprehensive back up strategy …

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Managed Data Services

Managed Data Services includes the day-to-day management of enterprise data – aka what we call shared data. This includes exports, conversions, imports, consolidations, configurations, and security audits generally across departments and/or geographic areas. Managed Data services include: Managed Storage Managed Backups DBA Managed Database A number of clients we now work with professed to do …

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What is Data and Data Storage

Data storage is the collection and retention of digital information—the 1’s and 0’s that make up bits and bytes behind applications, network protocols, emails, documents, media, address books, user preferences, and more…. Storage of data and how it is accessed is now a vital part of everyday life as we have come to rely on …

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What is enterprise storage?

Enterprise storage is a centralised storage system that businesses use for managing and protecting data. It also enables data sharing through connectivity to various computers in a network environment that includes UNIX, LINUX, Object and Microsoft platforms. Enterprise storage differs from consumer storage with respect to the size of the storage operations and also the …

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Data Storage. What type do I need?

Data may be your most valuable resource. It’s certainly not an endangered one. It pours into organizations from every conceivable source – operational and transactional systems; scanners, sensors and smart meters; inbound and outbound customer contact points; mobile media and the Web.

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