How to Cut IT Infrastructure Costs and Increase Efficiency with Data-driven Insights 

How to Cut IT Infrastructure Costs and Increase Efficiency with Data-driven Insights 


Your IT infrastructure is your company’s lifeblood, so it needs to be protected from potential disasters. But how do you know if you’re doing enough? 101 Data Solutions Assessment service provides insights into how your business uses its data, where it’s stored, and if your backups are sufficient.  

Traditional IT analysis tools are limited and inflexible, with limited data collection, analysis and data-driven intelligence. This typically results in a lack of proactive/predictive insights to help IT organisations make better decisions about their infrastructure. They also lack the ability to customise, and usability can be hindered by heavy system requirements and the need for ongoing maintenance and management.  

Therefore, here at 101 Data Solutions, we embrace a new generation of IT analytics tools with no limitations. Instead, our assessments consist of standard or custom analyses that leverage sophisticated modelling to see actionable insights related to various cases like operational hazards, performance tuning and planning.  

How does the Assessment work?  

We provide a SaaS-based analytics platform designed to identify inefficiencies in the data centre and suggest ways to address them. We have the tools to analyse more than 200 metrics from virtual machines, physical servers, storage arrays, and network infrastructure to determine where inefficiencies may exist. As part of our in-depth assessment, we generate personalised reports on resource utilisation and how different technologies may remedy the situation. For example, if a customer is running up against a storage bottleneck, we can simulate how effective storage arrays from different vendors may be before the company commits. Our process helps address customers’ needs and accelerate the evaluation and procurement process. As a result, customers can accomplish their IT goals with more efficient IT infrastructure planning and procurement.  

With this new innovative approach to IT management, you get unprecedented visibility into the health of your business while saving time and money. In summary, here are the three top reasons for having 101 Data Solutions assess your IT environment:- 

  1. Simplifies IT management  

    101 Data Solutions offers a new approach to handling IT in the cloud. You could save time and increase productivity by undergoing our thorough assessment. With this, you will have an intuitive interface that is easy to use on your end while we monitor and proactively manage your company’s IT environment. You get increased visibility into your company’s health and many other metrics that are necessary for running an efficient and effective cloud environment. 

  2. Saves you time and money  

    101 Data Solutions offers digital analytics to help you monitor your network and systems. This makes it possible for you to save time and money and avoid the costs of hardware, software, or human error associated with running an on-premise solution. 101 Data Solutions provides a cloud-based software platform that allows easy management of data to create sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions. 

  3. Provides unprecedented visibility into the health of your business  

    101 Data Solutions assessment gives you unprecedented visibility into the health of your business with real-time analytics and alerts. Our assessment tool provides you with a detailed analysis of your current IT environment. You can see where the problems lie, and we show you how to address them. 


    101 Data Solutions assessment simplifies IT management, saves you time and money and provides peace of mind. We help you leverage the power and potential of your IT resources to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. If you want to learn more about how our tailored assessments can transform your business, my team are here to help, just book a call! 

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    About Brett Edgecombe, Managing Director, 101 Data Solutions 

    Even as a child living in Canada, Brett always had an interest in technology, so starting his career within the technology industry was a natural progression in 1998 when it began at the UK’s first ISP, Compuserve Interactive Services in Bristol. 

    He has first-hand experience in modern Enterprise Storage Infrastructure solutions, having worked at Sun Microsystems in 2000, where he worked with large commercial and education customers across the UK. 

    Brett created 101 Data Solutions in 2008 with a focus on Data Storage centric delivered through high-quality technology solutions direct to businesses throughout the UK. His strategic vision and sector knowledge allows him to bring excellence to 101’s customers through experience, technical foresight and relationship building. 

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