Data Gravity, a Force Worth Reckoning With

Data Gravity, a Force Worth Reckoning With

Data gravity

Businesses across the world are generating more data than ever. The International Data Corporation (IDC) anticipates that more data will be created over the next three years than the data created over the past 30 years. Businesses that rely on IT wouldn’t be able to function without online tools, services and remote collaboration, all of which contribute to what is known as ‘data gravity.’ The larger the data, the greater the gravity, and the result is that smaller applications and data move into its orbit.

Dropbox is one example of data gravity in action. It started as a simple file storage service, but now it hosts a vast amount of complex data and third-party applications are required. As more data are produced and demand for data increases, the volume of information can become unwieldy to manage.

Organisations that don’t have their data adequately structured often find that this reduces performance, productivity, levels of cybersecurity, and the ability to innovate.

With such a significant reliance on remote working, mobile devices and the internet, it is more important than ever that businesses make sure their data house is in order.

However, many organisations don’t have a plan to deal with their increased data, resulting in a situation where their performance and business growth are hindered. As a result, they may struggle to ride the next wave of digital transformation.

The issue of data gravity encompasses what is known as ‘data sprawl’, where data is spread across different data centres. If the data are not adequately structured and monitored, then the application performance is degraded.

The prospect of managing data gravity can feel overwhelming for businesses that would rather focus on their company’s day-to-day running. Fortunately, resources such as Seagate Lyve Services can help to ensure businesses are optimising their performance.

Support engineers at 101 Data Solutions work with Seagate Lyve Services to help organisations resolve their data gravity issues and design a healthy data ecosystem. As part of this mission, 101 Data Solutions help businesses plan for growth and develop a solution for data bottlenecks.

101 Data Solutions will show the business how to best use cloud, edge and endpoint environments to manage mass data, helping companies implement an efficient and straightforward modern storage platform.

To improve business performance and security, 101 Data Solutions advise all organisations to find ways to harness their data gravity and learn how to adapt to shifting business needs.

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