Is Technology Bringing Us Together or Tearing Us Apart? 

Is Technology Bringing Us Together or Tearing Us Apart? 

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Technology and data storage and protection solutions are some of the most important advances in businesses today, enabling us to collaborate, communicate, and share data more than ever. Some people argue that new technologies cause people to become more isolated as they spend more time on their computers instead of interacting with others. However, I believe that computing can also encourage social interactions, depending on your individual preferences and usage patterns. Our Microsoft service delivery options enable employees to work in secure ways and stay connected wherever and whenever they want to get online to meet their team and access their data. 

In this blog, I reflect on how technology is helping to bring us together. 

Cloud computing boosts productivity and security 

101 Data Solutions‘ cloud computing partners have helped millions of companies improve efficiency by safeguarding their data. Employees can access their documents from anywhere and on any cloud device. Cloud computing also makes it easier to publish content, share information, and collaborate whilst minimising risk and meeting data security requirements. Cloud data is typically more secure than data stored on-site. 

Online networking builds strong communities  

Technology helps people organise in-person gatherings that bring communities together. In other words, these technologies facilitate different types of interactions helping to bring us together from local or far-reaching locations. Technology also allows us to network more effectively, whether finding opportunities online or using digital tools to assist you in finding the right people to advance your career or business ambitions. Technology lets you do your research and find the right people at the right time, so you will be well prepared when you meet them in person or via video conference. Now that we can communicate with people from all over the world through digital means, we have the opportunity to find like-minded people and join forces with them to create something bigger than ourselves. This is especially useful for people who belong to smaller communities, as it provides a network that brings people together and makes them stronger. In many ways, technology has helped us form a closer and more connected society than ever before. 

Collaborating online and flexible working provides freedom 

You can use digital tools to organise your thoughts and manage your tasks and share your vision with the team. Millions of us use collaboration software, videoconferencing, and screen-sharing tools to work remotely. Many have been able to effectively work from home because of the efficiency of these tools. In addition, technology in terms of flexibility has brought us together by improving the work-life balance for families, enabling us to create stronger connections with loved ones. Happy employees are more productive, work better together, and are less likely to leave. Therefore, investing in technology that improves work-life balance, such as remote access software, will help retain employees and keep your company ticking. My team at 101 Data Solutions can assess your current situation in this area, consider your unique needs, and recommend the best solution for your organisation. With the help of our partners, we offer a wide variety of online collaboration tools, each with different features and capabilities. By partnering with 101 Data Solutions, you have access to these top-rated software solutions so that your team can collaborate more effectively and efficiently. 

About Brett Edgecombe, Managing Director, 101 Data Solutions   

Even as a child living in Canada, Brett always had an interest in technology, so starting his career within the technology industry was a natural progression in 1998 when it began at the UK’s first ISP, Compuserve Interactive Services in Bristol.   

He has first-hand experience in modern Enterprise Storage Infrastructure solutions, having worked at Sun Microsystems in 2000, where he worked with large commercial and education customers across the UK.   

Brett created 101 Data Solutions in 2008 with a focus on Data Storage centric delivered through high-quality technology solutions direct to businesses throughout the UK. His strategic vision and sector knowledge allows him to bring excellence to 101’s customers through experience, technical foresight and relationship building.  

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