Managed Data Services

Managed Data Services

managed data services

Managed Data Services includes the day-to-day management of enterprise data – aka what we call shared data. This includes exports, conversions, imports, consolidations, configurations, and security audits generally across departments and/or geographic areas.

Managed Data services include:

  • Managed Storage
  • Managed Backups
  • DBA Managed Database

A number of clients we now work with professed to do their backups in-house and didn’t see the need to outsource, but our initial question was when was the last time they tested their backup procedures? i.e Have you ever missed a schedule backup due or experienced a crash or worse still, a breach? Implementing managed data services means that an expert company manages backups, ensuring they are fully recoverable and provides day-to-day support. Data management really needs a solution that will help transition an organisation’s current backup environment into a modern, supportive, and cost-effective solution.

We ensure that databases are backed up and fully recoverable. We can also manage your internal databases to varying levels and provide expert, cost effective solutions that help manage and support storage arrays. Through our network of interconnected data centre facilities, we can also customise off-site and secondary-site replications of critical data.
Managed Data focuses ultimately on monitoring and maintaining your data and reducing your business risk. Implementing a managed service means your backup, retention and retrieval needs are solved while giving secure, around the clock, access to your information.

Like all sectors, there are many companies out there that have the expertise to architect, implement, manage and support the right data storage solution. However, 101 are confident that we can align all data storage requirements with your business objectives to make the most impact at the best cost.

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