How to Save Money and Improve Efficiency with Remote Monitoring 

How to Save Money and Improve Efficiency with Remote Monitoring 

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You can keep an eye on your IT devices with remote monitoring solutions. With this technology, you can get alerts about the performance of your devices so you can act if there’s a problem. This makes it easier to troubleshoot and fix problems when they occur. Remote monitoring solutions also allow you to monitor your devices across different locations, which enables you to track the performance of your devices even when you are not physically near them. Even if someone reports a problem promptly, you may not know about it immediately, so remote monitoring is beneficial because you can get information on issues as they arise. 

Our customers can be totally hands-off, enabling them to get on with business tasks while we do the remote monitoring for them. At 101 Data Solutions, we have a 24x7x4 staffed monitoring service. The engineers who operate that service are highly skilled, covering all aspects of hardware and software. Here are the key areas we look at when conducting remote monitoring for you. 


If you want your IT devices to last as long as possible, you want to make sure that you are actively monitoring their maintenance. Remote monitoring solutions allow you to track the maintenance requirements of your devices. This will enable you to alert the appropriate people when a device is due for maintenance so it can be replaced as soon as possible, saving the cost of having someone visit to repair a failed device. 


Remote monitoring solutions allow you to set up triggers for specific issues, such as when your bandwidth is running low or a device is not operating as it should. When these issues occur, the monitoring solution will send you an alert so you can take the appropriate action to correct the problem.  


Remote monitoring can monitor the availability of server storage, storage capacity, and other important metrics to identify issues and determine if they significantly impact the business. Data storage is a significant part of any business IT architecture, and storage utilisation and capacity are critical factors that affect overall performance. The remote monitoring system can collect data such as the amount of data in the storage system, the type of data, and the location. This data can be analysed to determine if the amount of data stored in the system is beyond its capacity. Remote monitoring can also help determine whether a system has the sufficient storage capacity to store new data. 

Performance and latency 

A lot of performance issues can be prevented if remote monitoring is implemented. Performance issues often result from network congestion, insufficient server resources, and heavy traffic. Performance can be monitored by monitoring CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage, and bandwidth usage, among other things, to detect the issues. Latency can also be tracked between endpoints and triggering alerts if a threshold is crossed. Reliability can also be monitored, and problems traced to their source using latency monitoring solutions.  

Security breaches 

One of the easiest ways for hackers to gain access to your devices is by finding unsecured devices on your network. If a hacker can log into one of your devices, they can access your network and all the sensitive data. Remote monitoring solutions make it easier to monitor your network for unsecured devices. The monitoring solution can send you an alert whenever an unsecured device is detected, allowing you to take the necessary steps to secure the device.  

With 101 Data Solutions‘ remote monitoring service, you can be confident that your systems will run smoothly. We create customised packages that reflect the level of monitoring appropriate for your business. So, contact us today if you want to ensure business continuity by monitoring your devices and data more effectively. 

About Brett Edgecombe, Managing Director, 101 Data Solutions

Even as a child living in Canada, Brett always had an interest in technology, so starting his career within the technology industry was a natural progression in 1998 when it began at the UK’s first ISP, Compuserve Interactive Services in Bristol.   

He has first-hand experience in modern Enterprise Storage Infrastructure solutions, having worked at Sun Microsystems in 2000, where he worked with large commercial and education customers across the UK.   

Brett created 101 Data Solutions in 2008 with a focus on Data Storage centric delivered through high-quality technology solutions direct to businesses throughout the UK. His strategic vision and sector knowledge allows him to bring excellence to 101’s customers through experience, technical foresight and relationship building.  

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