Prove It to Improve It – How Proof of Concept Help Companies to Transform Their IT

Prove It to Improve It – How Proof of Concept Help Companies to Transform Their IT


The best way to determine if a new technology solution would work for your company is to start with a proof of concept. It’s important to test new solutions before implementing them because this will help you avoid selecting the wrong technology partner and wasting time and resources if the theory does not match the reality.

The proof of concept allows businesses to see what the technology will look like in their environment and build relationships with different vendors. The point of this exercise is not just testing out new software and hardware, but considering compatibility, ease of implementation and other potential issues that could arise later on down the road.

101 Data Solutions are experts in transitioning businesses into new technologies. The team of experts helps companies explore the benefits of various data solutions available and evaluate what technology is best for each business.

To ensure the success of our solutions, 101 Data Solutions offer a no-cost evaluation for new clients. In addition, the entire process is documented to prove that all critical elements have been tested and work as intended.

So, the proof of concept is a short-term, low-risk project to determine the feasibility of a potential new product or service. When deciding what IT solutions are required, these fundamental questions are considered as part of the consultation and evaluation process:-

• What are the pros and cons of these technologies?
• Are they easy to use for the company’s operations teams?
• Can they easily integrate with the existing infrastructure and assets?
• Will the ROI be clear enough to justify adoption?
• Are there any limitations?
• Does it improve current workflows?

The proof of concept offered by 101 Data Solutions means that it is possible to test any technology or data migration before implementing them entirely within the business. This way, you can minimise your risk. In summary, the key benefits of a proof of concept approach are: –

• It’s a fast and easy way to test how the recommended service will work for your organisation.

• The process can provide insights into how the product would fit with an existing infrastructure or generate productivity, supportability, scalability or cost reductions that weren’t apparent before running the test.

• The approach is low risk as it allows the company to experiment with different versions and ensure its ideal.

Contact 101 Data Solutions now for more information on how our process works and how we can help transform your IT through proof of concept.


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