Penetration Testing

101 Data Solutions provides penetration testing, also known as ethical hacking, to examine your networks, systems and software, looking for potential weaknesses hackers might exploit. We then recommend appropriate countermeasures and security controls. These tests simulate an attacker’s actions so we can identify where security measures are weak and create plans to fix those problems.

Penetration testing can be conducted remotely or on-premise. Depending on the type of testing you wish to do, we can develop a comprehensive plan for one-off or ongoing testing throughout the year. 101 Data Solutions recommends that you run penetration testing at least every three months to keep up to date against the latest security threats.

When you work with us,
you can expect...

A penetration testing plan tailored to your company’s needs and goals

A dedicated team of consultants who are experts in ethical hacking

A detailed report that outlines all findings and recommendations

Ongoing frequent penetration testing as part of a managed service

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