Immutable Storage

Immutable storage is a way of storing data that cannot be changed. When data is stored in an immutable way, it prevents hackers from being able to change the data and steal it. It does this by altering the data so that it is unreadable. This means that the data can’t be tampered with or stolen, which is an excellent way to protect against cyberattacks.

Immutable storage will store data in blocks encoded using a unique cryptographic hash function. These complex algorithms transform data so that it is unreadable. Various techniques to protect your data have been built into the design of the storage systems we recommend.

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Expert advice on the safest way of storing data.

Storage that is secure and unbreakable.

An excellent means of securing your data and preventing cyberattacks.

Data is stored in an encrypted format.

An inbuilt unique fingerprint for each block of data.

A very reliable way of storing data.

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