SharePoint for Governance and Compliance

SharePoint for Governance and Compliance

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Microsoft Office 365 is an ever-evolving suite of cloud-based services. OneDrive for Business is a sub-product of SharePoint Online and a cloud storage solution that provides access to your documents from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection. You can easily share and collaborate on files with other users when you work online. You can also store and share corporate documents that must be kept under control and audit-ready. 

Therefore, SharePoint is great for business-critical documents as admins control the permissions. Consequently, it’s an excellent tool for managing your data. Here at 101 Data Solutions, we can manage your storage and external sharing policies while you benefit from the features of SharePoint, which can help you stay GDPR compliant. Microsoft’s engineers use a two-factor authentication system and daily workflows to manage data and any risks involved. 

Security controls 

When planning your security and compliance controls, it is essential to understand how data can be accessed, managed, and protected in the cloud and what security measures need to be implemented to ensure that data is protected. It would help if you also considered how to implement controls that enable you to meet your compliance requirements. SharePoint is one tool that is easy to use and can be used for the long term. 

Compliance measures 

With SharePoint, you can easily track the activity of your users, control the sharing capabilities of your sites and files, and ensure that information is adequately secured and retained. In addition, SharePoint’s powerful compliance features can help you to maintain control of your content. You can also use the audit log to track changes made to your content and access permissions. These features help ensure that your content is secure, that your content is protected, and that your content is compliant with the policies you’ve established. 

Regulatory compliance  

Many features in SharePoint comply with regulations for storing information that is audited. You can use SharePoint to store and share any information, including confidential or regulated data. Here at 101 Data Solutions, we can help you identify the best tools for GDPR. SharePoint sites can be configured to regulate who can access specific content and track document changes. In addition, the information stored in OneDrive is encrypted at rest and in transit (e.g., when data is moved between data centres, it is protected using best-in-class encryption). 

When at rest, SharePoint provides physical protection (e.g., only a limited number of identified people can gain access to the data centre), network protection (secure and reliable domains), application security (constantly monitored through vulnerability tests), and content protection (using data encryption). 

If you have Microsoft 365, but you’re not using SharePoint, then it is worth checking out the benefits today. Security and compliance controls in SharePoint and OneDrive help securely manage your data and information to prevent a data breach. They are also accountable for information security and the prevention of data leakage. If you would like further advice on the benefits of SharePoint, how to use it or any other Microsoft 365 products for data storage and security, contact us today, we’d be happy to help. 

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