Small Chips, Big Problems – How Can Businesses Survive The Global Microchip Shortage?

Small Chips, Big Problems – How Can Businesses Survive The Global Microchip Shortage?

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Every electronic device needs a microchip, so when global demand outweighs supply, this poses a problem for consumers and businesses. The result is that many companies are experiencing significant delays in hardware shipments, which have a knock-on effect on how they support their workforce and deliver to their clients.

Part of the problem was a greater need for technology because of COVID rules about remote working, but at the same time, the factories where they are produced were forced to close because of the pandemic. Now the factories are dealing with a backlog, and experts anticipate that the shortages will continue for several years. These chips power everything from massive data centres to hand-held devices.

While electronics manufacturers have been severely impacted, all businesses are expected to be affected because of the technology vendors we rely upon to ship and fix our IT hardware. The price of chips has also significantly increased, as have the wait times.

With no critical hardware and replacements readily available – what can businesses do to weather the storm?

101 Data Solutions can help businesses pull together a contingency plan for maintaining data centres and IT infrastructure.

Experts at 101 Data solutions will review your network and make suggestions on the best way forward. Support provided is one to one and the solution offered is tailored to your business needs.

101 Data Solutions support includes:-

Initial meeting
101 Data Solutions consultants meet with your stakeholders to capture all the essential details they need.

Assign your specialist
Once 101 Data Solutions has all the details they need, they’ll appoint a specialist to develop a plan for you to agree.

Proof of concept
101 Data Solutions will loan, set up evaluation hardware and software to prove their solution works at no cost commitment from your business other than time. The evaluation process will be documented, ensuring they test all elements critical to its success.

Purchase and installation
Following the purchase of your bespoke data solution, 101 Data Solutions will ensure all ordered elements have been delivered correctly.

Any service delivery will be agreed upon upfront and delivered according to its Statement of Work and milestones. Training may form part of this stage as 101 Data Solutions prefer customers to have the knowledge and skills to reduce the learning curve.

Ongoing support
101 Data Solutions believe strongly in having a partnership with you, so their account management team will regularly monitor activities and keep in touch with you.

You can also contact 101 Data Solutions 24/7 should you need to talk to the team about anything.

While the ongoing chip shortage is out of our control, businesses that turn to the third-party support provided by 101 Data Solutions will help keep their businesses running as usual.

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