The Importance of Decommissioning Data Centre Hardware 

The Importance of Decommissioning Data Centre Hardware 


It is becoming increasingly necessary for data centres to become more resource-efficient because they consume significant amounts of power. In a world where we need to be more energy-conscious, data centres are looking for ways to improve their performance. One of the ways they achieve this is data centre decommissioning, which is a necessary part of the life cycle of data centre hardware and needs to be done in a careful and planned manner, which is one of the services 101 Data Solutions provide.  

101 Data Solutions data centre experts safely remove all of your hardware and cables. We keep track of the hardware and provide proof of disposal, wipe the hardware and ensure it is disposed of safely, and we operate securely and in an auditable way. As a result, you can be sure that your data is kept secure and that any hardware that is no longer needed is decommissioned according to the rules and regulations that apply to it. 

Companies must understand the need for data centre decommissioning because operating using outdated hardware is terrible for your data and the environment. Decommissioning old hardware protects your data by ensuring that the equipment doesn’t have viruses or malware. If you keep operating with outdated equipment, you risk losing data or compromising the integrity of your system. Let’s explore data centre decommissioning in more detail. 

What is data centre decommissioning? 

Data centre decommissioning is removing outdated data centre hardware. Decommissioning is a critical part of your data centre strategy as it allows you and your team to efficiently remove hardware that is no longer needed while managing risk. In addition, decommissioning equipment gives you control over the data centre environment, energy consumption and cost, and the availability and security of your network. When you decommission hardware, you reuse or recycle the equipment safely and securely. 

Why is data centre decommissioning important? 

Decommissioning hardware from a data centre is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Not only is it essential to ensure that data is not accidentally erased, but it’s also vital to ensure that decommissioning and data erasure are completed securely. In addition, as companies grow and change, their data centre needs to evolve. This can lead to an accumulation of unnecessary data centre hardware, resulting in inefficient and costly operations. 

The benefits of a data centre decommissioning

Hardware commonly included in data centre decommissioning includes servers, storage devices, and racking and infrastructure that have reached the end of their lifecycle or are no longer required. The benefits of decommissioning these items include the following: 

  • Saving money – hardware has a long life span but will eventually need to be replaced. By completing a DCO, you are re-purposing usable hardware and saving money by avoiding the need to purchase new hardware.  
  • Protecting the environment – each device that is retired and properly recycled helps reduce the number of harmful materials dumped into landfills.  
  • Reducing operational costs and improving efficiency – when data centre hardware is retired, its electricity use is less. This helps to reduce operating costs as well as the environmental impact of your business.  

101 Data Solutions data centre experts will ensure that your hardware decommissioning is done in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way. Your data will be kept safe throughout the process and managed in a controlled, auditable and planned manner. Contact us today for more information. 

About Brett Edgecombe, Managing Director, 101 Data Solutions

Even as a child living in Canada, Brett always had an interest in technology, so starting his career within the technology industry was a natural progression in 1998 when it began at the UK’s first ISP, Compuserve Interactive Services in Bristol.   

He has first-hand experience in modern Enterprise Storage Infrastructure solutions, having worked at Sun Microsystems in 2000, where he worked with large commercial and education customers across the UK.   

Brett created 101 Data Solutions in 2008 with a focus on Data Storage centric delivered through high-quality technology solutions direct to businesses throughout the UK. His strategic vision and sector knowledge allows him to bring excellence to 101’s customers through experience, technical foresight and relationship building.  

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