The importance of monitoring data centre temperature levels

The importance of monitoring data centre temperature levels

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Data centres generate a lot of heat and can get damaged by high temperatures. Therefore, monitoring the heat levels is critical for preventing equipment failure, performance issues, increased costs and data corruption. 

101 Data Solutions heat monitoring systems are designed to provide this vital information. Once installed, we can collect real-time temperature data from multiple points throughout the facility and feed that information into a central database where our team can analyse it. As a result, we give customers the information they need to keep their data centre running at peak performance. 

Data centre monitoring can help improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and reduce costs by identifying and resolving issues before they disrupt operations. In addition, integrating monitoring tools with other IT management systems can help customers view alarms and events from multiple systems in one place, simplify troubleshooting, track and document network changes, and improve overall efficiency. 

101 Data Solutions heat monitoring service 

We determine the normal temperature range in a data centre. When that range is exceeded, we can send an alert to the company. This solution provides various benefits, including increased system uptime, reduced energy costs, and increased end-user confidence. By choosing 101 Data Solutions to design, implement, and manage your heat monitoring solution, you benefit from a team of experts who can monitor your heat levels remotely and provide you with data to help you minimise your risk of system failure. 

We monitor critical IT assets in a data centre, including power, cooling, and server/network equipment. Our solutions include removing workload off just one server and distributing it across multiple servers, suggesting new hardware more suitable to the job it is intended for, and adding additional cooling to existing problematic hardware. 

To reduce the environmental impact and energy cost in data centres, we check that the equipment used is energy efficient and that the data centre is well-ventilated. In addition, we support data centres that use more efficient cooling systems, such as air conditioning or evaporative cooling, where possible. 

We also offer an automated system that constantly monitors temperatures in the data centre to ensure everything stays at optimal levels. We can identify the areas of your data centre that are most likely to suffer from overheating and use the most energy. This can help you to better plan your cooling infrastructure and save money in the process. For more information about our heat monitoring service, contact us today. 

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He has first-hand experience in modern Enterprise Storage Infrastructure solutions, having worked at Sun Microsystems in 2000, where he worked with large commercial and education customers across the UK.   

Brett created 101 Data Solutions in 2008 with a focus on Data Storage centric delivered through high-quality technology solutions direct to businesses throughout the UK. His strategic vision and sector knowledge allows him to bring excellence to 101’s customers through experience, technical foresight and relationship building.  

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